Why wraps?

So, why should I spend my advertising dollars on vehicle graphics?

Because driving your marketing with a vehicle wrap works! First, let us say what a wise decision you’ve made to consider marketing with your vehicle. Many of our customers boast 50% or more of their business comes from vehicle graphics. And of course, we get quite a few calls from our own car wraps! In fact, we got a phone call from our Element wrap the very first time we drove it out of the vehicle bay. There are so many reasons to choose vehicle wraps; but here are our favorite 10.

10 reasons your business and bottom line will benefit from a vehicle wrap

  • Up to 600 impressions per mile.
  • The numbers make sense. Vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective advertising medium.
  • Your mobile billboard goes anywhere you want it to be.
  • Traffic (ESPECIALLY ATLANTA TRAFFIC!)…now a source of business rather than head ache. (OK, so we can’t do anything about the headache, but maybe the leads will at least make you feel better)!
  • Gas expense doubles as marketing budget.
  • Now you can get rid of that outdated Yellow Pages ad. (most of our clients do, and more than pay for their wrap!)
  • Your advertising campaign is now located on a depreciable asset.
  • The audience for vehicle wraps is INCREASING … while most media are seeing their audiences DECREASE.
  • Your vehicles now pull a double shift.
  • With vehicle wraps, you can advertise WHILE actually doing the real work of your company!

As you can imagine, Atlanta is the perfect environment for vehicle graphics. If you own a wrapped truck, “can you believe all this traffic?” is said with a completely different tone! At least you can be a little happier about being stuck in traffic – extra time on the road means more time spent marketing your company. And with every gallon of gas, more impressions.

Vehicle graphics turn your truck or van into a moving marketing machine. If you own a company and you drive an unlettered car, you’re missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity. Again, in Atlanta, you can expect 600 impressions each mile driven! (Please visit our Wrap Facts page for more statistics.) In fact, some of our customers have received phone calls that led to new business within hours of their decals being installed! None of us enjoy the hours we spend in traffic, but just think — you can use that time (and the gas money!) to your advantage with truck graphics.

If you’re looking for a way to track the calls that come in from your wrap, consider setting up a specific phone number or web site that only folks who see the wrap will know. Or (always a good idea), ask “how did you hear about us?”… But please put your vehicle wrap to work for you! If you keep your wrap in the garage or only drive it on occasion, you’re not utilizing your wrap’s marketing potential…

Let In-Depth Signs & Designs help you utilize your vehicle to further your marketing goals. Don’t throw your money at traditional advertising options. Ask about our Atlanta cost comparison!