Wedding Vows…Revisited

by indepthwraps on February 25, 2010

John and Torri of In-Depth Wraps

12 years ago this January, we made promises among family and friends that represented our commitment to a happy life together. But a happy married life is definitely much more complicated than “in sickness and in health,” especially when the married couple runs a business together. Last night, John and I got to talking about the kind of vows we would likely recite today.

I promise to share with you
I’ll let you use my cel phone charger when you leave yours at home, even though I probably won’t get it back later.
I promise to take risks for you
I’ll upgrade my software first, so I can tell you if there are any bugs before you do it.
I promise to try to keep our family healthy.
I will make sure we call it a night … sometimes before it’s morning.

I promise to trust

I’ll not question your classification of vendors, within reason (but if “salon” is in the name, we might need to talk)
I promise to support you

I’ll keep the kids silently entertained when a client calls after school.
I promise to give
up the wireless card when you need it (or buy smart phones so we can both be connected simultaneously).

I promise to do my share

I’ll drive so you can get your work done in the passenger seat.
I promise to be considerate
I’ll keep gas in the car so we don’t run late to a meeting.
I promise to be kind
I will not send all of our high maintenance customers’ e-mails your way.
I promise to empathize
when you’re heartbroken about losing a client you “just knew we had”.
I promise to rejoice
when you get a new laptop before I do (even though I secretly have new laptop envy!).
I promise to be responsible
and charge the camera.
I promise to communicate
I’ll have conversations with you about something other than work.
I promise to make time for us
I’ll put date night on my calendar, and keep that date as I would a meeting with a client.

Can you relate to any of these? Or do you have some new vows of your own?

  • James Ball

    This is a great look into the life you two lead! It’s a great pleasure to know and talk with you both as often as I do…and although I do not work with my wife, I still learn things from your perspective, about business, life, and marriage. Thank you for sharing this today!

    • indepthwraps

      Thanks, James. Being a husband and wife team is a mystery to some…it’s nice to share a bit of it here.

  • Billybnyc

    I promise be preventative…

    Not unlike the flu shot, we will expose our children to inappropriate friends that don’t have kids so they will be inoculated to obnoxious people as they get older.

    • indepthwraps

      It’s a good thing we know a few of those. :)

  • Cristina Proano-Carrion

    I can totally relate to that Torri,
    I’d like to add to that list:
    By preparing that needed cup of coffe at 3 pm.
    By preparing a calming aromatherapy bath for you
    Even on those days I wish I could work in my pajamas

    This is such an amazing post! Thanks so much and let’s keep moving on.

    • indepthwraps

      You’re so right Cristina! I knew you’d have something great to add. Keeping each other energized and then forcing relaxation is always a big part of our job, isn’t it?

  • Cristina Proano-Carrion

    That picture is gorgeous by the way. You are such a beautiful couple.

    • indepthwraps

      Awwww, that’s so sweet of you. :)

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  • Molly Simpson

    How about…

    I promise to “take over”…
    your responsibilities when your down or sick so that you can concentrate on feeling better.

    I promise to be a great friend…
    by screaming with you when a client has gotten you way too upset and when you’ve calmed down, helping you make rational and appropriate decisions on how to work out the problem.

    I promise to listen…
    to your problems and fears, even though I already know everything about them, and remind you that you are an amazing person and can do anything!

    I promise to take a time out…
    when I’m really upset about something you did that I didn’t agree with and laugh with you when you find me sitting on the step or in the corner just like the kids.

    I love your blog! You and John are awesome! BTW Jason and I celebrated our anniversary in January too!

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