adorable van wrap fleet for experiential marketing tour

by indepthwraps on November 7, 2010

“That’s just cool.” We actually said that out loud when Webkinz (Ganz) contacted us to wrap three vans for their cross-country experiential marketing tour. We were immediately excited about the project, and not just because our nine-year-old was jumping up and down.

During the tour (with the vans working triple-time as promoters, haulers, and props) fans not only got to play interactive games and win Webkinz prizes (even Webkinz pets!), they also received a special “van code” that unlocked the ability for their pets to drive the van in the online Webkinz World!

Though we handle vehicle wrap design for some clients, this one is all Webkinz (Of course. They’re Webkinz for pete’s sake.)…though we did make a few minor tweaks and consult on working with the vehicle’s contours (hey, that’s our job!).

The coolest part about this project for us was that we were able to work with some social media friends to get news coverage for Webkinz tour events here in Atlanta. It’s not all about vehicle wraps…it’s about helping our clients make an impact.

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