Webkinz Road Trip kicks off 4/9 with the Braves

by indepthwraps on April 9, 2011

This is the first year since our kids had a “Spring Break” that we haven’t headed south for two weeks to the Florida Keys. This year, our business was too…well, busy. So, we decided to stay home and play Atlanta tourist with the grandparents (and work in between the attractions).

We’ve been to a sheepherding trial (so little Remi could check out her extended family), Stone Mountain, the jumpy place, Six Flags, local playgrounds, All Fired Up (to paint our own pottery and do a little glasswork), and Medieval Times. And late tomorrow we’re headed out to Lazy D Farms in Ball Ground to step back in time and just enjoy “life on the farm”. <And in the midst of that, we’ve wrapped a van, a Transit, and a utility truck, finalized our designs for next week, printed this weekend’s box truck, color proofed three jobs, and sent out some fleet decals. You can have a LOT of fun owning your own business, but you have to be willing to put in the work to make it happen.>

Something exciting is happening tomorrow (Saturday, 4/9) in downtown Atlanta that we’re really looking forward to…something that might not have made it to your radar screen yet. If you have kiddos in your house, you’ll want to hear about this, and maybe adjust your plans accordingly!

Part of owning a “cool” business like ours is that we occasionally are involved in awesome events or activities, just by virtue of wrapping a vehicle. And today we get to share with you, so you can finish your Spring Break with something you just CAN’T see everyday…

It’s opening weekend for the Braves and they’re going to have some special guests helping them kick the season off. Tomorrow, April 9, the 2011 Webkinz Road Trip (follow them on Twitter!) starts…right here in Atlanta with the Braves! If you want to be among the first to see the tour hit the road, head out to Turner Field tomorrow from 10-1. They’ll be set up at the brick pavers in front of the stadium. You do not have to have a game ticket to participate, but I’m guessing you will have to pay for parking.

The Webkinz interactive experience will feature lots of favorites from last year like Wheel of WOW, Zum Toss, and the Jellybean Challenge…and some new activities too like a dance contest, hula-hoop contest, and trivia challenge…and don’t forget, lots of cool Webkinz prizes <and a really fantastic Webkinz van that some really awesome folks wrapped>!

And in case you want to head out to the ball game, it starts at 1:10, Braves vs. Phillies (and it’s Ultimate Kids Day with tons of activities like running the bases, free games in Scouts Alley and more!).

What are you doing to finish up your Spring Break?


    this didn’t help me at all!i want to see little videos and big descriptions and awesome pictures to show how fun the webkinz road trip was !!!!i don’t want to hear you’re life story i want to hear about the actual road trip!!!I hope my comment helps you make this something people want to read!

  • Cant say

    I am a big fan of them and that car in the picture and every thing ales is so cool!!! :)

    P.S. For right now i have about 28 webkinz

    P.S.S. My user name is rubyrose718. now you can be my friend if you want to. :)

  • Cant say

    :( Sorry i did not say my name. I dont want any one to now my name on this website but you can call me rubyrose718.

  • Cant say

    Mabey it is my user name! /:)

  • Cant say

    I think it is nice doing all of this to fit cancer for others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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