How much do vehicle wraps cost?

Well, each vehicle has its own shape and challenges…from crew cabs to wheel flares, many variables impact a vehicle graphics quote. Please e-mail us for vehicle wrap pricing. Include your specific model and year, cab length, bed length, etc. and we can begin to help you choose the right amount of graphics coverage for your business.

We are especially aware that small businesses watch every penny (we’re a small business!) so we are also more than happy to design to your budget to get you the most impact within your means. For fleets, we can walk you through the process of effective design in order to create fleet graphics that maximize the use of the wrap material, saving you money. We were actually able to save the Army so much on their fleet decal project, they were able to double the number of decaled vehicles on the road with their message.

Is a vehicle wrap a long-term investment?

Yes. With proper care, your vehicle graphics can last up to 5 years.

Does In-Depth offer financing?

We work exclusively with Enterprise fleet and several local fleet dealers who can work with you on a lease of one or 20 cars. Dealerships are happy to roll the cost of your truck wraps into your loan. We also offer vehicle wrap financing through ProntoLease. Please contact us for more information on this option.