How should I prepare my vehicle for wrapping?

Please wash your vehicle (no wax) one day before you leave it with us.

Should I bring my vehicle to In-Depth?

Most of our clients arrange to meet us halfway between our place and theirs. However, we will be happy to pick up your vehicle for a small delivery fee (based on distance). There are also circumstances where we will install wraps onsite.

How will In-Depth prepare my vehicle for wrapping?

We wipe all surfaces to be wrapped with alcohol to ensure proper adhesion and remove any traces of wax or other residues. We often remove mirrors, emblems door handles, headlights, tail lights, roof racks, antennas, and rear windshield wipers…so that your vehicle wrap looks its absolute best. We will talk with you about our plan for accessory removal prior to installation.

How long will installation take?

We’ll need your vehicle in our facility for one to two days. We typically finish a compact car wrap in 24 hours, but larger vehicles do take more time. We can share timeline expectations with you when we pick up your vehicle.