Do the vehicle graphics come off?

Of course they do! The pressure-sensitive vinyl is actually adhered to your vehicle with pressure and heat.
The removal process can be completed in one day, and we can handle it, or educate you on how to do it yourself. A vehicle wrap actually protects the paint from the elements and minor surface dings. We have clients who change their wraps to fit their marketing campaigns (even some utilized for a day- or week-long event), race car teams who change sponsors mid-season, customers who lease vehicles just for a special event, and then we have clients who only remove their graphics when the fleet turns over.

Will a vehicle wrap damage my vehicle?

No, in most cases a properly prepared and installed wrap will not damage a vehicle. 3M says it can be cleanly removed from an OEM paint surface for up to five years. We have installed thousands of wraps and removed them years later to reveal a nearly new looking paint surface. However, due to the many varying conditions vehicles endure, especially in the southern United States, we can not warranty vehicles against damage to paint or surfaces.