Can I see through wrapped windows?

If you choose to fully wrap your vehicle or use a partial wrap that encompasses your rear and side windows (front windows can’t be wrapped!), we will use a material called perforated graphics. Perforated graphics are made from vehicle wrap material with tiny holes punched out…so you can see! From inside, it looks like tinted windows. From the outside, perf makes it difficult to see in a vehicle without approaching closely. Some of our clients enjoy this extra security measure, especially those who haul expensive equipment.

Perforated graphics MUST be laminated. Physics dictates that material with holes in it has less of a life than material that doesn’t have holes (you probably guessed that). Therefore, perforated graphics have a typical lifespan of about a year. We’ve had fleet customers who choose to replace their perforated graphics after a period of time to keep their wraps looking great. And then we’ve had “perf” on our vehicles for two years with no issues, but it is definitely a part of a vehicle wrap that must be cared for in a special way.

Can you pay me to wrap my car with someone else’s branding?

We focus our efforts on helping companies gain exposure from advertising on corporate vehicles they own or lease. We do not match drivers with companies looking to advertise. That was a very popular trend a few years back … but now most companies realize that it is incredibly cost-effective to use existing company vehicles (or buy new ones!). The monthly cost of vehicle wraps including the car payment and insurance is less than renting billboard space! Please see our advertising media [cost comparison] for more details.

What is a half wrap or a three-quarter wrap?

Sometimes we refer to partial wraps in fractions, like half wraps and three-quarter wraps. This is just another way of describing the amount of vehicle wrap coverage when a wrap is not a full wrap. We often recommend partial wraps because sometimes a full wrap is simply not necessary. Many times, we find that our clients can make a big impact without a full vehicle wrap.

What color vehicle should I buy if I want to wrap it?

We are always happy to advise our clients on vehicle color choice. The color will depend completely on your design. If you’re going with a partial wrap, we’ll advise a color that complements your design. If you prefer a full wrap, most of the time, the color will not matter. Please

Will you travel to wrap my truck or fleet?

We are always open to travel, primarily in the Southeast. A climate-controlled facility ensures a successful installation. Other than Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are our favorite places to wrap vehicles.

What else can In-Depth wrap?

We can wrap pretty much anything! We’ve wrapped desks, walls, motorcycles, ATM machines, surgical microscopes and more.

Does In-Depth do other types of signage and printing?

Vehicle graphics and wraps are our specialty. For our clients who need consistent branding across several media, we have resources in commercial printing, web design, and more. We will occasionally print banners and other signage for existing vehicle wrap clients and certain nonprofits like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, but we really don’t handle that kind of work for the general public.