When installation is complete, we will arrange a time and place to return your vehicle to you.

How should I care for my vehicle wrap?

Once we deliver your new mobile marketing vehicle (and you’ve done the happy dance), please wait one full sunny day before washing it.
The direct sunlight on the vehicle will strengthen the overall adhesion of the graphics and settle out the perforated graphics on the windows.

When you wash your newly decaled truck or fleet, we recommend steering clear of pressure washing. Some pressure washers could lift up the vinyl because of improper use of the water pressure. Again, your wrap is a long-term investment, and you want it to work for you for the long haul. We find that soft cloth and hand washes work best.

If you have perforated graphics on your windows, avoid rolling them down or using your rear wiper.

How to use your Vehicle Graphics

Now that you’ve made the decision to drive your marketing with vehicle graphics, you’re already maximizing your marketing dollars by utilizing the most economical advertising media available. But, you can stretch your dollars even further.

Think about HOW to use your vehicle wrap. This will vary by industry and by the goals you’ve set for your wrap (when In-Depth wrapped your vehicle, we discussed your goals prior to design). Let’s see…you’re a landscape architect? Consider parking in front of the lawn and garden section at Home Depot or Lowe’s over the weekend. That’s about the time us DIY folks get frustrated and need help! It would be great to have your beautiful work in front of us, with a phone and web contact of course. Your market is teenagers? Park front and center at a football game or shopping mall and don’t forget to place your twitter id on your wrap. Selling to business owners? Get prime positioning at a Chamber event. The key is to consider your market, and then go where they are. After all, you’ve now got a MOBILE billboard.

This may seem to go without saying…but DRIVE your wrap. Please don’t leave it in the garage. It will only drive business your way if people SEE it!

And one more (kind of common sense) suggestion. Give your car or truck a bath…shiny wheels and a sparkling wrap attract attention! Here at In-Depth, we’ve seen this theory in action. Each time we take our “dolphin truck” to the car wash, we get a call from it the same day. Something about those shiny wheels!

How long can I expect my vehicle wrap to work for my company?

With proper care, you can expect 3-5 years of mobile marketing from your vehicle wrap.