Transit van

Cleen Green Transit wrap in Atlanta

simple and clean (er, cleen) vehicle graphics make a point

Cleen Green
Atlanta, GA

Clean lines, fresh colors, and white space are a great combination in these Transit graphics. Informative, but not busy. This is a key concept in designing vehicle wraps.

Atlanta Transit wrap, home inspection graphics Atlanta

AmeriSpec Transit wrap establishes trust

Atlanta, GA

Since home inspectors can come in all shapes and sizes, AmeriSpec decided to stand out from the masses with a vehicle wrap. This Transit wrap establishes trust before they even exit the vehicle.

Thumbnail image for all the pests are in the house (or not!) with the Spencer van wraps

all the pests are in the house (or not!) with the Spencer van wraps

Spencer Pest Services
Roswell, GA

What to do when you have a multitude of services and don’t want to choose one to highlight? Use your entire fleet, of course. From mosquitos to critters, Spencer handles them all, but they know that not everyone needs all of their services all of the time. So each side of the Spencer Transits feature a different pest!

transit wrap for JV HVAC in Suwanee/Sugar Hill

Stellar logo and bright colors = perfect start for van wrap

Suwanee, GA

There is no better start to fabulous vehicle wraps than a perfect logo and color scheme. When your company has that already wrapped up, the rest is easy. Veering away from traditional red and royal HVAC color schemes, this near teal and hot orange definitely makes you look.

wrapped Transit helps kids learn about the sun

wrapped transit brings the sun closer for Georgia students

Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project
Atlanta, GA

Solar flares, solar radio, magnetometry and spectroscopy…intrigued? Then you should follow the Solar Astronomy Transit on its journey across Georgia, educating schoolchildren.

Ford parts vehicle wrap

car dealership wrap delivers marketing message with parts

Speedway Ford
Griffin, GA

Car dealerships travel the city delivering parts, covering many miles (and being seen by a multitude of prospects) daily. Why not advertise the dealership en route?

Thumbnail image for transit wraps market Atlanta security firm

transit wraps market Atlanta security firm

Linder Security
Atlanta, GA

Linder has always had a branded fleet. But with the addition of their new Transits, the Atlanta security firm wanted to do more than brand…they wanted to actively market with their fleet graphics.