a clean new look for the RooterPLUS van fleet

by indepthwraps on November 8, 2010

Post image for a clean new look for the RooterPLUS van fleet

RooterPLUS (plumbing • septic • heating • air) came to us via social media, through a site called Forsyth Connect (sadly, it’s no longer active). General Manager Charlie Plumley originally wanted to fully wrap his entire fleet of 30 vehicles (including those big round tanker trucks!).

In-Depth was able to show Charlie a design idea that made a huge splash (pardon the pun) while saving the company money. When you consider all of the wrapped vehicles in the RooterPLUS fleet, this one change in design saved thousands of dollars. We LOVE helping clients make a big impact with vehicle wraps while saving their marketing budget.

The clean water was a huge hit in the van wrap design. In-Depth chose the water based on RooterPLUS’ target market: women. Yes, women make the majority of household contractor decisions. In vehicle wraps (as with all marketing), it’s important to consider your audience first.

We just can’t talk about RooterPLUS without talking about the people behind RooterPLUS….such a GREAT group of folks. Though we’ve been working with them for only a year, they have fast become part of our family. In August, the company donated $3.33 of every invoice to Stick It 2 Cancer, resulting in a donation of over $1,500. That’s just one outward display of the relationship we’re proud to have with our friends at RooterPLUS.

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