So who is In-Depth anyway?

In-Depth is a husband and wife partnership built on two people who love what we do…helping companies large and small market themselves with vehicle graphics. We’re a hard-working team of vehicle wrap professionals who settles for nothing short of spectacular in our designs and installations. Driving your marketing with our vehicle wraps actually does work … and that’s not something we take lightly.

We get excited hearing from the client whose wrapped van gets stopped in parking lots for business cards… and the customer who says he now feels like the “ice cream man” going to service calls with his truck graphics…and we can’t help but feel a surge of pride when a client tells us “We’re so busy, we’re driving a different car this week (one without a vehicle wrap). We can’t handle any more business right now!” These kind of stories make our day.

In-Depth is not new to the vehicle wrap market. Small businesses with one vehicle, local fleets, as well as national fleets (including a 700-vehicle decal project with the U.S. Army) have benefited from In-Depth’s experience. With more than 2,000 decaled or wrapped vehicles completed since 2001, we’ve been around the block a few times … and are continually flattered as local, national, and international companies call on us to teach them about vehicle wraps.

We enjoy working with our clients to identify their target market and how best to reach their prospects (truly a part of any effective vehicle wrap process!). With our backgrounds in PR/communications and business, when a company chooses In-Depth, they are not only securing a high-quality vehicle wrap with effective design, but also adding to their marketing team. Our marketing gears simply never stop turning. It’s not unusual for a client to receive an e-mail from us (sometimes at 2:00 in the morning) with some new marketing idea that we think they should consider (and probably 75% of the time, it has nothing to do with vehicle wraps!).

When we take on a new client, we truly become part of their team, and we take care of them as such. More often than not, our clients become friends, and cherished members of OUR team.

What’s with the dolphin?

When we hatched the idea for this company, we searched for a name that had meaning to us…not just professionally but personally too. Because this is our baby (literally … In-Depth was born about the same time as our first child!), we knew this name would be around a long while.

We were college sweethearts at Jacksonville University (mascot is the dolphin). On our honeymoon, we went to the Florida Keys (and swam with dolphins). We enjoy collecting ocean art (including dolphins … not the actual mammals of course!). One of our favorite things on earth is scuba diving (back to the ocean again). There’s a pattern here somewhere…

So, knowing that the dolphin would be our icon, we began thinking of words that related to the ocean that could have meaning for our mission …. and In-Depth was the perfect choice. It reflects our love of the water but also our desire to help our clients on a deeper level than just putting vehicle graphics on trucks. We wrap our arms around each client; their goals, target audience, and style … and create an in-depth solution to their marketing needs … one that may begin with vehicle wraps, or just include them in a larger plan. We won’t just put graphics on a vehicle. That’s not who we are. (if you ask us to put your Yellow Pages ad on your truck, be prepared for an in-depth discussion!)

Rather, we work with our clients to increase revenue via an in-depth review of marketing goals and strategies, and a purposeful plan for incorporating vehicle wraps.